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Alexis Sarkissian has been involved in the watchmaking scene for 2 decades after a BS in Finance and an MBA in the US. He started his career in his native Switzerland working for Piaget where he was responsible notably for the Asian, Swiss and Middle-Eastern markets. His is very familiar with Japan where he lived 3 years with his family from 2001 to 2003.

His transition in early 2004 to NY was made through the most incredible high-jewelry firm ever. The ability to mold a brand into a class structure from the unique sales approach to its own boutiques was as high a luxury experience one would ever have.

Most recently he is credited with the commercial turnaround of Roger Dubuis in North America - his second home. Together with the Swiss headquarter of the brand, he addressed all local after-sales issues and obsolete inventory of retailers and re-established commercial, marketing and communication presence.

Some of the things said about him are “always accessible, honest thinker, fun, sharing and hard working”. He is a loving father of three young children (12, 10 and 3 years old) and married for 25 years to a saint! His current endeavors all are in the watch world but his secret passion is in the motorcycle universe…

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Jennifer Sarkissian learned, at an early age, that timing is everything. Today, after circling the globe from Pennsylvania to Geneva, Tokyo and then back to the US to settle in NYC, she created TWI together with Alexis.

She held several top positions in Communications and Finance in Europe, she has a strong business/communication background. As part of the World Gold Council she managed the “Gold Demand Trends” publication and major ad campaigns as well as all Executive Meetings of the top gold mining companies throughout the world. At AT&T International, she worked on massive communication budgets. Finally, as part of one of the most successful and underground private banking operations, she experienced the latest worldwide trends from Google to Starbucks right from their start.

Having launched and managed the Swiss watch magazine GMT XXL successfully in North America for five years and then moving on to promote a more intellectual magazine - Watch Around, Jennifer has been a specialist in the watch industry. Over the years, she has seen both sides of the watch/jewelry retail equation. She has a firm grip of what a luxury consumer wants and what a distributor/retailer needs to do in order to have a positive experience for all.

Jennifer loves all things turquoise, collecting antique Persian silver and raising her three children that she adores more than anything.  She loves to travel and hopes to be reincarnated as a Greek Goddess in her next life.

Born and raised in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, Ginny Arakelyan is a proud New Yorker. Home is Forest Hills, Queens which is one of the five boroughs of New York City.

Childhood memories consist of the famous Forest Hills Tennis Stadium where the Beatles held concerts to screaming fans and the US Tennis Opens were originally held. Coveted neighborhood parking spaces could fetch quite a price for young entrepreneurs during these high demand periods. And she was quick to catch on to the opportunity and tasted her first little success in marketing, negotiating and sales. These innocent memories stayed with her through the years and later helped determine her future career path in business.

To make these dreams come true she attended New York City senior Cuny college, Baruch and majored in Marketing Management. Diploma in hand and right out of school she knew exactly what direction and field she wanted to pursue, a specialization in marketing for the luxury sector.

Brooks Brothers a brand world renowned for its high quality classic clothing presented the initial opportunity to learn firsthand promotion techniques and tools designed to directly improve bottom line sales figures.

Next came the opportunity of a lifetime, to be a part of a young burgeoning business phenomenon, Franck Muller Genève timepieces. Joining only 4 years after its original inception onto the international horological scene Ginny launched and directed all US advertising, communication and public relations initiatives for this key critical market. Later as the group grew five other high profile luxury timepiece brands would be added to her marketing responsibilities. Thirteen years later, she has become a true luxury enthusiast and acquired a well rounded sense of the business and its nuances.

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